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How to Look Fabulous All Year Round

A visit to the salon or spa will leave you looking and feeling like a million dollars but how do you keep looking and feeling your best in between visits?

Very easily, of course!

We all indulge in one or two practices that do more harm than good to our skin – most of which we would ordinarily strive to avoid if we knew. So, we’ve put together these do’s for looking fab every day. All you have to do is make some of these ever-so-minor and inexpensive changes to your routine.

For Clear Face and Skin, Do…

Clear skinKeep Your Hands Off Your Face! Unless you have to blot excess oil, sweat, or to wash your face. Bacteria from your hands will wreak havoc on your skin and cause breakouts.

Moisturize Whenever You Get Out Of The Shower! A majority of soaps out there dry out your skin. Apply moisturizers while your skin is still damp for best results preferably light ones to avoid clogging your pores if you’re prone to breakouts.

Gently Exfoliate Regularly! Get rid of dead skin cells and open up your pores. Some ingredients in exfoliants can be overly harsh for those with sensitive skin so choose productsthat best suit your skin type.

Keep Your Hair Off Your Face! Your bangs may look flattering but the styling products are seeping into your pores and causing you to breakout and your braids constantly rubbing against your face may be giving you rashes.

Avoid Direct Sunlight between the Hours of 9AM and 5PM! No matter the season, your skin needs protection. Unnecessary exposure could give you fine lines and premature aging so don’t be shy. Take a hint from Chinese Ladies (and Men) who make use of small umbrellas wherever they go.

Be Gentle With Your Eyes! Your under eye area is delicate so avoid putting pressure on it or rubbing vigorously. Under eye concealer should be creamy with light to medium coverage. If it’s too thick or has heavy pigments, you’ll have to work hard to blend, irritate the skin and possibly deepen fine lines or wrinkles. What it doesn’t need is thick, gloppy acne concealer slathered all over

For Healthy Hair, Do…

Trim Your Ends! At least every six weeks to prevent split ends and subsequent breakage, helping you get your desired length faster.

Try to cover your head with a scarf or hat when you’re out in the sun! This provide extra UV protection and also helps your scalp to retain moisture which is a must for shiny, healthy hair.

Style Your Hair In Loose And Comfortable! Tight hairstyles can be damaging because they tend to pull and tear hair especially if your hair is dry or brittle.

Give the Blow dryer, Tong and Flat iron a Break! They do further damage to already-dry hair. Try to air-dry your hair whenever possible as it’s already exposed to a significant amount of heat on a daily basis.

Condition and Moisturize Always! Dilute apple cider vinegar diluted in water for a quick natural conditioner. Use some coconut oil or Shea butter to smooth, de-frizz, and moisturize your locks after washing. You can also mix water, aloe vera juice and avocado oil or water mixed with argan oil in a small spray bottle to spritz when needed

Detangle Gently with a Wide-Tooth Comb! Hair is very delicate and will break when handled roughly, especially wet. Wide-tooth combs are best for untangling hair.

For Beautiful Hands and Feet, Do…

Get Regular Manicures and Pedicures! To help give your hands and feet a youthful appearance by getting rid of dead skin and hangnails.

For All-Over Beauty, Do…

FitnhealthyMaintain A Healthy Lifestyle! While heredity may determine most of how you look, you can always improve it by taking good care of yourself. This means eating the right foods, drinking plenty of water, exercising, getting enough sleep, not smoking, and limiting your intake of both caffeine and alcohol.

A healthy diet does not only works wonders for maintaining healthy skin, hair, and nails. It  directly impacts on your overall health, how you feel and on how you look.

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