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Brums Hair aim to deliver the finest selection of hair weaves direct to you...and for less. Get your exotic hair at its best.

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General info

 All virgin Hair comes in a natural colour which ranges from a black brown to a medium brown (1b-2). Each bundle weighs approx. 100g. The hair will be washed before we send it to you. This is a necessary step to determine the actual wave pattern of the hair.

All our processed hair is made from virgin hair. All cuticles are left intact, that's why this hair is tangle free and very durable. It comes in a natural colour just like the virgin hair.


*200 -- 300 Grams needed for a full head

*400Grams needed for 26" above

Natural straight Indian Hair Weft (1pc each\100gram)

10"      ---  N9,000
12"      ---  N10,000
14"      ---  N11,000
16"      ---  N13,500
18"      ---  N14,000
20"      ---  N15,000
22"      ---  N17,000
24"      ---  N19,000
26"      ---  N21,500
28"      ---  N24,000
30"      ---  N25,000

Our flawless virgin Indian weave guarantee a supple body wave, high luster and shine. Its flawless refined natural wave is remarkably lightweight and is suitable for all hair types. Virgin Indian straight is perfect if you are looking for straight hair with texture that is not bone straight. It can easily be styled and holds a curl very well.

The Indian wavy is completely unprocessed and comes in various wave patterns from soft loose waves to deep waves. Every bundle is different; we will match your bundles for your own personal blend.

Brazilian & Malaysian hair 

10" --- 11,500
12" --- 12,000
14" --- 13,000
16" --- 15,000
18" --- 16,500 
20" - --18,000
22" - --19,500
24" - --21,000
26" - --23,000
28" - --24,500
30" - --26,000

Our virgin Brazilian and Malaysian hair is renowned for its texture diversity. Whether you like to wear your hair wavy, curly or straight, its endless versatility has something for you. Its thick hair cuticles give the hair a lot of body and movement. Our virgin Malaysian wavy comes in a slighter wave, with more luster and less texture than the Indian hair.  Malaysian straight hair is silkier than the Indian straight hair.

Peruvian hair weft 

10”   --- N12,000
12"   --- N13,000
14"   --- N15,000
16"   --- N17,000
18"   --- N19,000
20"   --- N20,500
22"   --- N21,000
24"   --- N22,500
26"   --- N24,000
28”  ----N25,000

Peruvian and Mongolian curly (1pc each\100gram)
8"  - N11,000
10" – N13,000
12" - N15,000
14" – N16,000
16" – N17,000

Our virgin Peruvian hair has thick strong hair from the roots to the tip with lots of natural movement and bounce.  It holds big, bouncy, voluptuous super waves and curls like a charm. It is guaranteed to make a statement with its glamorous body.

Our virgin Mongolian wavy hair has the thickest hair cuticles in comparison to the other hair types in Asia. This hair is ideal for volume and body and usually comes in the darkest brown. It also comes in 2 main textures including wavy and curly. Its silky flowing big waves exude elegance whilst its sultry curly hair is our most natural looking hair yet. Your leave out can be 100% natural and still have an undetectable blend.

Cambodian hair(price per 1pce)
10"- 15k
12"- 17k
14"- 19k
16"- 21k
18"- 23k
20"- 24k
22"- 25k
24"- 27k
26-  28k

South American 
(1pc each\100gram)

10"  ---- N16,000
12"  ---- N18,000
14"  ---- N20,000
16"  ---- N22,000
18"  ---- N24,000
20"  ---- N25,000
22"  ---- N27,000
24"  -----N29,000
26”  -----N31,000

Our South American Hair a.k.a. 'Signature hair' is raw unprocessed virgin hair. It comes in natural straight and wavy curly patterns. The hair in this line comes in a variety of fine to coarse textures that blend flawlessly with native hair. This hair usually comes in Natural Black or Brown tones ranging from Off Black to Medium Brown. Colour may vary due to the nature of the virgin hair.  We try as much as possible to match your colour preferences but this cannot always be guaranteed. 

Our virgin South American Signature classic smooth straight/ slightly wavy weaves and Cambodian hair are effortlessly feminine along with long cascading waves with ultimate movement. Our South American and Cambodian hair are the silkiest hair in our range and also the fullest from top to bottom. They are sleek, glossy and very soft in texture and comes in a selection of black and different brown shades.

Lace closures (4* by 4*)

10”- N14,000
12"- N15,000
14"- N16,000
16"- N17,000

3 Part Lace closures (4* by 5*)

10”- N15,500
12"- N16,500
14"- N17,500
16"- N18,500

Lace frontal (4* by 13*)

12" -  N19,000
14" -  N20,000
16" -  N21,000


Rejuvenation Services

Weft Reinforcement Only - N300 (Per 100g each)

Weave (Wash, De-tangle and Deep Condition Only) - N300 (Per 100g)

Weave (Wash, De-tangle, Deep Condition and Weft Reinforcement) - N500 (Per 100g)

Hair colouring / bleaching (Deep Condition) -  N700 (Per 100g)




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